US vows to pay Israel $38 billion in 10 years

US President Barack Obama(R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, November 9, 2015. (via The Huffington Post)

The United States and Israel have signed a military deal, in which Washington pledges for a record $38 billion in military aid to the regime…

The 10-year deal was signed as planned by Israel’s national security advisor and a senior US diplomat on Wednesday.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at helm, the Tel Aviv regime has been at loggerheads with the administration of President Barack Obama.

“For as long as the state of Israel has existed, the United States has been Israel’s greatest friend and partner, a fact underscored again today,” Obama said in a statement released to mark the signing.

Netanyahu has been particularly irked by the initiative the US pursues in the region for a so-called two-state solution.

“It is because of this same commitment to Israel and its long-term security that we will also continue to press for a two-state solution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, despite the deeply troubling trends on the ground that undermine this goal,” Obama said, asserting the need for an “independent” Palestine.

“As I have emphasized previously, the only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine.”

Based on the deal, the regime will receive $3.3 billion per year from 2019 to 2028 — up from $3.1 billion per year currently – along with $500,000 per year in funding for missiles.

The Israeli premier released a statement after the signing, calling the deal “historic.”

The apartheid regime of Israel has been engaged in various forms of atrocities against Palestinian Muslims residing on their own lands.