Listen as a room filled with Democrats cheers, laughs, and applauds at the death of Antonin Scalia


To Democrats, nothing matters but agenda. Hypocrisy doesn’t matter, hubris doesn’t matter, decency doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they seize power and use it to ram their ideology down the throats of others. We see it time and again. Like an army of three-year-olds, they’re happy as long as they get their way.

If a few people die along the way, and that happens to help their cause, well, that’s just hunky dory.

Case in point is a recent AFL-CIO talk given by Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland (D). In it he points out – with no small amount of satisfaction – that the death of Antonin Scalia helped the Democrat cause and “happened at a good time.”

Have a listen:

Strickland, at least, makes a half-hearted effort to say he doesn’t bear any ill will. But listen to that crowd. When he says Scalia’s death “saved labor,” they applaud.

Worse, when he flat out says he doesn’t wish anyone harm, they actually laugh. They laugh again when he says it “happened at a good time.”

Not that you really needed any more evidence, but this is who they are behind closed doors.