Foreign Investors Choose Traditional Houses in Greece |

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Over 600 million euros have been invested in Greek real estate by foreign investors in the 2013-2015 period, with the emphasis given to traditional summer houses, according to a Kathimerini report.

Specifically, 186 million euros were invested in 2015, 250 million euros in 2014, and 168 million euros in 2013. A significant portion of the funds has been directed to popular destinations in the mainland and to small traditional villages in particular.

Germans are the most active buyers of Greek properties. According to the international real estate services Algean Property, it is estimated that currently about 100,000 foreigners have a holiday home in Greece. Of those, 60% come from Europe, U.S.A. and Australia, while another 10% is controlled by buyers from Russia and other Eastern European and Balkan countries, which have significantly strengthened their presence in the Greek housing market in the last few years.

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Source: Foreign Investors Choose Traditional Houses in Greece |

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