Nervous Greeks worry Brexit may lead to Grexit – BBC News

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In many respects Greece has more reason than the UK to be angry with the European Union, and to want to leave.

Its people and government are embittered by the imposition of harsh austerity measures by the EU and IMF.

Those bailout conditions have brought years of deep recession and high unemployment, but have done little to reduce Greece’s huge debt burden.
And as a frontline country in the migrant crisis, Greece feels let down by Brussels and EU member states, in its struggle to cope with the arrival of more than a million refugees and migrants over the past 18 months.

The anger shows in a pan-European survey published by the Pew Research Center earlier this month, in which Greeks top the table in their response to many of the questions asked.

For example, 71% of those who took part had an unfavourable view of the EU – far higher than in the UK.

More than 90% disapproved of the way the EU was handling economic issues and the migrant crisis.

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